"Healthy body, healthy mind."  Read articles on keeping your hair, skin, teeth, feet and whole body clean and fresh.  Feel confident, smell great, look great and live long...

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Keep your muscles, heart and lungs challenged.  Have a high energy level and releases healthy hormones and chemicals such as endorphins.  Start reading now...

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What effects do certain foods have on our bodies? What are healthy diets?  Coming soon...

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Planning Your Entire Life

Many of us spend 40 hours a week administering a business, but do not spend any time administering our own lives.  Why is it that we spend six years to earn a finance degree but haven't taken out even one day to plan our lives?  This is a great article accompanied with a free short ebook about a great life planning method.  The QLP Method (Quantitative Life Plan Method) is a short but useful tool to organize your resources.  Three resources are considered in particular, that is, your health, wealth and time. Read more... or watch a short video here.